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Visitor's Day 2019

You're invited to our annual Open House!

Visitor's Day 2018

You and your family are invited to visit Meredith Manor at our annual Open House on Friday May 3rd and Saturday May 4th. We are changing the format for Visitor's Day! Prospective students and their families, Alumni, and Parents of current students are all invited. The weekend will consist of a campus tour on Friday starting at 9:30AM followed by informational sessions about financial aid, graduate services, and certifications, as well as interactive opportunities in the Leather shop, Farrier shop and the Bucking Machine on Saturday.

Please RSVP by filling out the form below, calling 304-679-5265, texting 304-584-3128 or emailing


Number Attending:


For transportation and lodging information, visit our Tour page. For driving directions, visit our Driving Directions page.

I had a great time at the Manor and really enjoyed my education there. More than anything I loved all of the riding theory we got there. They really care to tell you WHY you are doing what they are telling you to do. I love having the huge bank of knowledge that I was given at the Manor, and I would not trade that for anything.
Amy Krentz Ford: 2007 Riding Master VI Graduate