Training Braids: Video Tip

by Samantha Capoferri-Fellin
Instructor, Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre

This weeks video tip, training braids, describes how to use training braids to tame your horse's mane so that it lies flat and on one side of your horse's neck.

Key takeaways:

  • You'll need an open, well lit work space, a step stool, a comb, and rubber bands.
  • First comb out the mane, removing all knots and tangles, leaving the entire mane on one side of the neck.
  • Next, section out the amount you want for your first braid. Training braids will be wider than show braids. Braid the section, pull tight, and apply the rubber band.
  • You only need to braid the part of the mane that doesn't naturally lie on the desired side of the neck.
  • Leave the braids in for about a week, or until your horse rubs them out, then redo them.

Happy braiding!

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