Ask the Students: Where can I get tack on a limited budget?

by Samantha Capoferri-Fellin
Instructor, Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre

This Ask the Students question comes from Amber Ratliff:

“Where is a good place to get the required tack on an extremely limited budget?”

Student responses include:

  • "Ask local barns, family members, or anybody you know that rides horses. Everybody has something to get rid of and they’ll usually sell it for pretty cheap."
  • "Leslie’s Tack Solutions, eBay, and I was able to find wonderful prices that fit within my budget. The saddles you can have shipped to you, ride in them, and send them back if they’re not what you want."
  • "eBay!!!"
    MM Students

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Jamie Hossa: 1996 Riding Master III Graduate