Alumni Website Setup and Hosting

Creating a website for your equine business is a critical piece of your marketing plan but can be a daunting task. We're simplifying that process by offering website setup and hosting services for equine related businesses of Meredith Manor graduates free of charge.

What's included?

  • Design and setup of a basic, 3-5 page business website.
  • Website hosting: 500MB disk quota, 5GB monthly bandwidth.

What's required of the graduate?

  • Website copy and pictures. You will need to supply us with the information and high quality images to be included on the site.
  • Registration of a domain name. This is a fairly simple process that only takes a few minutes and costs about $10-$15 per year. We will provide detailed instructions.

What's NOT included?

  • Regular site updates are not included in this service. However, the graduate will have access to the site so they can make their own updates.
  • No e-commerce sites.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Who qualifies for this service?
    Any Meredith Manor graduate in good standing with their own equine related business. Site hosting is not provided for employers of Meredith Manor graduates.
  • Can I design my own website and just use the hosting service?
    Yes, you are free to design your own site and just host it with us if you prefer. We'll set up your account and give you access.
  • I'd like to host my business website through Meredith Manor. What's my next step?
    Email letting us know you're interested.

Sample websites:

Humke Equine Services


  • Meredith Manor plans to host the websites long term, however we reserve the right to terminate this service at any time at which point the website could be transferred to the graduate.
  • The timeframe for website design and setup is not guaranteed. Depending on current demand, setup may take several weeks to months from the time the copy and images are supplied to us.

I wouldn't trade the experiences I got from MM for the world. You gain so much knowledge, that it sets you up for a bright future after you graduate. There is no other school like it.
Lizzy Clayboss Barker: 2005 Riding Master VI Graduate