Alumni Newsletter

Fall 1997

Greetings from Meredith Manor. We've had several campus changes and additions since the last Alumni Newsletter. All barns (Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Orange, and T&B) are now all converted to box stalls. Some have several extra large stalls for the "extra big horses." The blacksmith school is now Worthington Arena and the shop is now in a building behind the main office. Long arena had it's roof raised four feet and no longer seems long! A new mechanical cow was purchased and can often be spotted running down greebie road. And finally, the Fort is being converted into a classroom complex - still under construction.

Graduate News:

It is always great to hear from all of you and find out how you are doing. The following are people who have sent us recent updates:

Lynda Alick-Gilchrist (1984) has been in the dressage spotlight quite a bit lately including capturing the Grand Prix Freestyle at Devon and qualifying for the World Cup League Finals. Lynda is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist and is the trainer at J. S. Aerie Farm in Monroe, Georgia. Rebekah Bailey (1992) runs her own riding and training center where she teaches and trains all ages and ability levels in Pagosa Springs, Co. Stephanie Cey-Kappes (1993) is training and teaching in Florence, MT. We currently have two of Stephanie's former students at Meredith Manor! Leah Wilson (1986) is currently teaching and coaching in the Columbus, OH area. We often see Leah and her students at the dressage shows in Columbus. Dave and Sue (McCandless) Eaton (1979) have their own facility in southern West Virginia where they board, train, and teach. Dave is a very successful reining competitor and we have enjoyed visiting with them at some of the reinings. Ron and Sylvia (Colton) Kuhlhoff (1970) own and operate their own reining facility in northern Ohio. Ron is a NRHA judge. Ron, Sylvia, and Amanda (their 16 year old daughter) have been quite successful in the show ring. Steve and Heather (Fennimore) Gilbert (1984) are moving their training facility from Clayton, DE to Livermore, CO. Steve is a reining trainer and instructor and currently has Gerry Houseknecht (1997) working for him. Steve will be accepting horses in training and new students by spring of next year. Heather is President of Neutral by Design, an ergonomic manufacturing company. Lynn (Davis) Hamler (1976) has a successful teaching and training business near Mt. Vernon, OH. Lynn is currently competing in dressage at the Grand Prix level. We touched base with Lynn this past summer at several of the dressage shows and we're happy to hear of her successes. Jo Struby (1975) is residing in Middleburg, VA where she trains and teaches. Jo is an active competitor in Three Day Eventing. She also conducts workshops for riding instructors and produces "Jo Struby's Teaching Tips for Riding Instructors." The Tips are sold as a subscription and offer a different topic each month. For more info write to: Teaching Tips for Riding Instructors, PO Box 293, Middleburg, VA 20118. Marcie Hanna (1993) owns and operates Hidden River Equestrian Center in Warren, ME, where she trains and teaches. Marcie recently hired Jen Pearson (1993) to assist with the demands of a growing business. Enika Lucio (1997) is employed by J. B. Jul Lipizzaners. Enika travels with the group as a rider for the show. Ward and Lynette (Bachman) Phillips (1985) are residing in Lavonia, GA. Ward graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia in May 1996. He currently is the primary horse veterinarian at the McDonough Animal Hospital. During the years that Ward was in school Lynette continued to work with Steve Gilbert to stay on top of what was happening in the reining industry. Her goal is to get back in the saddle and resume her career in reining. Cecelia Ryker (1969) has owned and operated Hadly Hill Farm, Inc. in Ortonville, MI since 1978. Cecelia boards, trains, teaches, and does layups and mare care. We ran into Penny Pendarvis Avery (1991) at the dressage regionals in Lexington, KY. Penny lives in Grayson, KY where she is teaching and training. She has been competing her young thoroughbred in training level this year.

If we have not heard from you lately drop us a line and give us an update. Also, if you know of a graduate who isn't getting the newsletter we probably don't have a current address.

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Graduates to Be Spotlighted On Web Page

In the near future we will be spotlighting graduates on our web site. If you would like to be considered as a featured graduate, please send us a brief bio including: name, year of graduation, current job, any awards or special recognitions. If you are chosen to be a "featured graduate" we will contact you for a video tape that we can use for pictures. This could be great advertising for you and your business, so email or send your info to: Meredith Manor, 147 Saddle Lane, Waverly, WV 26184. Please include a phone number where we can reach you.

Graduate Assistant Program

The Fall 1997 quarter saw the start of a new program for graduates. The new Graduate Assistant program is open to Riding Master VI graduates with a GPA of 3.0 or better and Instructor Certification. The graduates assist the instructors in classes, help students who need extra help, and assist in the barns. Graduates are chosen based on openings and performance. We have three Graduate Assistants this quarter.

I got students really quickly once they found out I was a Meredith Manor certified instructor. The student count went up almost before I was ready. I didnít realize what a difference it would make.
Julie Huffman Griffin: 2003 Riding Master IV Graduate