Graduate Clinic Program

The Graduate Clinic is geared to benefit both the participating graduate and Meredith Manor. Bringing graduates to campus helps to link that network with our current and prospective students creating potential clientele for both the graduate and Meredith Manor. The graduate would benefit from linking their business to Meredith Manor in a feature graduate piece to be used on Meredith Manor's website and social media. It is also a continuing education opportunity for that graduate and opportunity to solidify the Meredith Manor message going out into the industry. Applications will be considered based on the graduate's academic and social history at Meredith Manor, the work that graduate is pursing currently in the industry, and interest/availability of our student population.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Riding Master VI certificate or ESM
  • Applicants must have had at least a 3.0 or higher cumulative grade point average
  • To apply, perspective Graduates must submit their resume with cover letter providing detailed information about their current work in the industry. Please also indicate your preference of a 3 or 5 day clinic

Duties of the Graduate

    The following are the responsibilities that may be asked of a Graduate

  • Teach in level appropriate groups of all disciplines
  • Teach or participate in the Career Area associated with their current work
  • Teach or participate in Wednesday classes

Benefits to the Graduate

    Graduate assistants may choose to

  • eat in the cafeteria
  • stay in on campus housing
  • permitted to ride in 2 riding classes per day(RM grads) with the instructor of your choice
  • receive free marketing for their business through the feature graduate content created during your clinic
  • receive a banner with MM logo or badge and your business logo for use at events
  • continuing education time in the farrier or leatherworking shop

At MM I learned not only everything I needed to know about horses, but that I had the ability to pull my desire out and really put it to use.
Shelley (Fyffe) Lazo: 2003 Riding Master III Graduate