Feature Graduate

Ward J. Phillips, DVM

I originally graduated from Meredith Manor in '83, with a RM III. I returned to further my education, and graduated in '85 with a RM IV. I also worked as a Summer Seminar instructor, and Supervisor for 3 summers. In '86, my wife Lynette, whom I met while she was a Meredith Manor student as well, and I returned as Co-Directors of the Public Lesson Riding Program. I was the Horse Health Director during this time as well. It was during this period that I became increasingly interested in the medicine aspect of the horse industry. With encouragement from Lynette, I began my pursuit of a career in Veterinary medicine.

I graduated from West Virginia University, with a B.S. in Animal & Veterinary Science, in '91, and was accepted to the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, in January '92. My senior year I was awarded a scholarship for the pursuit of excellence in equine orthapedic surgery. I graduated from UGA in '96, with a D.V.M. I went on to run a mixed animal practice in Lavonia, Georgia, for the next year, and I am currently practicing in McDonough, Georgia, as their primary equine veterinarian. I am a member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners.

I had wanted to pursue a career with horses since I was a teenager, which led me to Meredith Manor after high school. My initial interest was farrier science, and the classes in farrier science at Meredith Manor provided a very strong understanding of conformation and anatomy. I went on to take Equine Breeding and teaching courses, which I excelled in and thoroughly enjoyed. With the variety of courses available, Meredith Manor provided a well-rounded education and foundation in the horse industry.

Meredith Manor was a great place to start down my path in the horse industry.

Ward J. Phillips, DVM

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Ron has been teaching "Natural Horsemanship" before it was cool. No matter how long you have been riding, MM will improve your riding immeasurably! Appreciate that you will not be riding a "made" horse all the time and value what each horse has to teach you. It is soooo WORTH it!
Debra Davidson Jennings: 1993 Riding Master III Graduate