Summer 2006 Awards

President's List

Rachel Gabrell
Megan Herz
Genevieve Kraus
Sara Kreps
Stephanie Lindenfelser
Katie O'Toole
Lizzy Kramer
Elizabeth Rees
President's List member from the 2006 Summer Class

Honor Roll

Mary Balch
Amy Ballard
Kristal Banks
Kelly Bilrey
Samantha Capoferri
Rachel Dubois
Ashley Howald
Emily Jay
Heather Kowaleski
Amy Krentz
Amber Luce
Rachel Masa
Kristin McGeehan
Jessica McGill
Kathleen Megahan
Olivia O'Neill
Jocelyn Palmer
Rachel Pincombe
Kacey Reamer
Jewel Smith
Erin Walters
Brittnay Watkins
Marian Ysrael
Amanda Zevallos
Emily Zoltowski

Jenn Jones voted Outstanding Instructor of the Summer 2006 class.

Outstanding Instructor

Jenn Jones

Outstanding Graduate Assistant

Stephanie Kleinbauer
Stephanie Kleinbauer voted Outstanding Graduate Assistant of the Summer 2006 class.

Equine Massage Therapists

Naomi Griffith
Dawn Kennedy
Amber Luce
Kristin McGeehan
Leslie Northrop
Olivia O'Neill
Kacey Reamer
Zabrina Stevenson
Marian Ysrael
Students who have earned certification in equine massage.

Most Improved Student

Samantha Capoferri
Most Improved Student for the Summer 2006 class.

Outstanding Rider

Emily Zoltowski
Outstanding Rider for the Summer 2006 class.

Winners of the Excellence in the Barn for the Summer 2006 class.

Excellence in the Barn

Blue Barn:Lizzy Kramer
Red Barn:Jessica McGill
Yellow Barn: Katie Megahan
White Barn: Katie O'Toole
Orange Barn: Marian Ysrael
T&B Barn: Tamara McConnell
Green Barn: Sara Kreps

Perfect Attendance

Genny Kraus
Amy Krentz
Sara Kreps
Kacey Reamer
Perfect Attendance for the Summer 2006 class.

Graduating Class -- Summer 2006

Riding Master III Riding Master VI
Sarah Hayden
Lizzy Kramer
Kathleen Megahan
Ashely Morrison
Ellen Guhl
Rachel Gabrell
Summer class of 2004.

Congratulations Summer class of 2006!

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Prior Awards Banquets

When I left the Manor I had accumulated almost 2000 hours in the saddle under some of the finest instructors in the world. I was a new person, full of the confidence that comes with realizing a dream. I now have a solid foundation to continue on my own, to set new goals and realize new dreams.
Kelly Lagos: 2005 Riding Master VI Graduate