Fall 2006 Awards

Jennifer Varner voted Outstanding Instructor for the Fall 2006 class.

Outstanding Instructor

Jennifer Varner

Outstanding Rider

Emily Zoltowski
Emily Zoltowski voted Outstanding Rider of the Fall 2006 class.

Honor Roll

Mary Balch
Sam Buncher
Kristyl Banks
Angela Barbour
Amanda Bryant
Samantha Capoferri
Megan Carey
Christopher Cervantes
Erin Corley
Rachael Dubois
Rebecca Graham
Dana Gupton
Ashley Howald
Korie King
Rebecca Levine
Stephanie Lindenfelser
Tamara McConnell
Kristen McGraw
Kristin Mencer
Jamie Mohl
Laura Pacek
Jocelyn Palmer
Rachel Pincombe
Kacey Reamer
Fuchsia Saarinen
Jewel Smith
Elizabeth Sylvester
Jeanette Taomina
Joanna Taylor
Jackie Thompson
Erin Walters
Brittany Watkins
Elise Weber
Scott Wood
Amanda Zevallos
Emily Zoltowski

Oustanding Barn Manager

Emily Zoltowski

Outstanding Co-Manager

Amanda Zevallos
Amanda Zevallos recipient of the Co-Manager award for the Fall 2006 class.

Perfect Attendance

Outstanding Graduate Assistant

Megan Herz
Genny Kraus
Gina MacFarlane
Emily Shiver
Stephanie Kleinbauer

President's List

President's List members from the 2006 Fall class. Kelly Bilbrey
Jennie Blanchflow
Megan Herz
Emily Jay
Genevieve Kraus
Amy Krentz
Sara Kreps
Tiffany Linz
Amber Luce
Gina MacFarland
Katie O'Toole
Elizabeth Rees
Emily Shiver
Katie O'Toole voted Most Improved Rider of the Fall 2006 class.

Most Improved Rider

Katie O'Toole

Excellence In Teaching

Emily Zoltowski
Emily Zoltowski recipient of the Excellence in Teaching award for the Fall 2006 class.
Excellence in Barn recipients.

Excellence In Barn

Blue Barn:Amanda Zevallos
Red Barn: Samantha Capoferri
Yellow Barn:Kacey Reamer
White Barn: Katie O'Toole
Orange Barn: Amanda Bryant
Green Barn:Emily Jay
T&B Barn:Korie King

Graduating Class -- Fall 2006

Riding Master II Riding Master V Riding Master VI
Kristen McGeehan Kacey Reamer Michelle Dengel
Emily Jay
Sara Kreps
Jocelyn Palmer
Emily Zoltowski
Fall class of 2006.

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