Spring 2005 Awards

Outsanding Barn Manager

Susan Bostick
Students Hilary Carr and Diana Cappelli.

Outsanding Co-Barn Manager

Sandy Zywar

President's List

Susan Bostick
Diana Cappelli
Hilary Carr
Christopher Cervantes
Tonya Comfort
Tiffany Corson
Rachel Dann
Rachel Gabrell
Kim Hirdes
Stephanie Kleinbauer
Genevieve Kraus
Jenny O'Handly
Robin Reinhold
Trisha Therrell
Julie Ullom
Victoria Vicenti
Kindra Warner
Sandra Zywar

Award winner Tonya Comfort.

Outstanding Rider

Tonya Comfort

Outstanding Instructor

Jennifer Jones
Instructor Jennifer Jones.

Honor Roll

Ashlee Anderson
John Batten
Lisa Bayliss
Teresa Belanger
Nicole Bennett
Greg Boddy
Katrin Boniface
Sally Cannon
Mary Cheatham
Michelle Dengel
Erica Dunn
April Durfee
Suzanne Eaton
Kelli Fisher
Joela Green
Ellen Guhl
Emily Jay
Jessie Kallman
Courtney Labbe
Sarah Morris
Brittnay Pieklo
Christina Poulter
Julie Rothwall
Fuchsia Saarinen
Lynn Schlereth
Jennifer Shamblin
Zabrina Stevenson
Alison Sulikowski
Megan Town
Tiffany Trombly
Nathan Wallance
Misty Walters

Excellence in Teaching

Jenny O'Handley
Recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award Jenny O'Handley

Most Improved Riders

Hilary Carr
Diana Cappelli
Students Hilary Carr and Diana Cappelli.

Excellence in Barn

Green Barn - Jessie Kallman
Orange Barn - Lisa Bayliss
Blue Barn - Sandy Zywar
White Barn - Genny Kraus
Yellow Barn - Ellen Guhl
Red Barn - Stephanie Kleinbauer
T&B Barn - Trisha Therrell
Students voted most outstanding in the barn.

The Graduating Class of Spring 2005

Spring Class of 2005

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I had a great time at the Manor and really enjoyed my education there. More than anything I loved all of the riding theory we got there. They really care to tell you WHY you are doing what they are telling you to do. I love having the huge bank of knowledge that I was given at the Manor, and I would not trade that for anything.
Amy Krentz Ford: 2007 Riding Master VI Graduate