Spring 2004 Awards

Excellence In Teaching

Julie Huffman
Jessica Zabonick
Julie Huffman and Jessica Zabonick recieving the excellence in teaching award.

Students recieving recognition for their excellent work in the barns.

Excellence In Barn

Blue Barn - Kate Weller
Red Barn - Jessica Zabonick
Yellow Barn - David Gosnell
White Barn - Julie Huffman
Orange Barn - Dan Staats
Green Barn - Sarah Kirschner
T&B Barn - Gene Fletcher

Honor Roll

President's List

Vanassa Banning
John Batten
Teresa Belanger
Annalee Brown
Sally Cannon
Diana Cappelli
Tonya Comfort
April Durfee
Lisa Gaither
Holly Gallant
Lindsay Hayes
Mary Lou Helm
Elizabeth Jones
Sarah Kirschner
Kelly Lagos
Shane Lewis
Jackie Oliver
Nicole Pearson
Erin Person
Mary Potter
Caley Reed
Jessie Richardson
Gustavo Rodriguez
Corinne Tracey
Kindra Warner
Katherine Weller
Jana Armstrong
Katrin Boniface
Susan Bostick
Nikki Caldwell
Lori Caouette
Elizabeth Clayboss
Jenny Fair
Eugene Fletcher
David Gosnell
Hicole Halbesleben
Michael Hillery
Julie Huffman
Jonalee Kagels
Jenny O'Handly
Ashley Oldfather
Robin Reinhold Jessica Russell
Fuchsia Saarinen
Dan Staats
Misty Walters
Meliane Weeks
Bret Whitfield
Jessica Zabonick

Robin Reinhold recieving her honer for being the Most Improved Student.

Most Improved Student

Robin Reinhold

Outstanding Rider

Jessica Zabonick
Jessica Zabonick recieving her honer for being the Outstanding Rider of the spring 2004 class.

Perfect Attendance

John Batten
Lori Cauoette
Nicole Halbesleben
Students who earned the perfect attendance award for spring 2004.

Farrier Awards

100 Hours

David Gosnell
Jonalee Kagels
Dan Staats
Katherine Weller

200 Hours

Shane Lewis
Bret Whitfield

300 Hours

Eugene Fletcher
Students who have accumulated at least 100 hours in the farrier shop.

Graduating Class -- Spring 2004

Shoeing Short Course Riding Master III Riding Master IV Riding Master VI
David Gosnell
Daniel Staats
Shane Lewis
Lori Caouette
Courtney England
Lisa Gaither
Jessica Russell
Bret Whitfield
Julie Huffman Carrie Borst
Jamie Delaney
Jennifer Dinning
Anna Marie PiDerio
Frances Koerner
Kristen McConnel
Jaclynn Oliver
Jessica Zabonick
Spring class of 2004.

Congratulations Spring class of 2004!

Prior Awards Banquets

Recognize that you are one of the fortunate few to have a passion that you can turn into a career.
Kim Read-Graff: 1978 Riding Master IV Graduate