Fall 2004 Awards

Perfect Attendance

Rachel Dann
Michelle Dengel
Ashley Oldfather
Sandra Zywar
Perfect Attendance award winners from the Fall 2004 class.

Honor Roll

Ashlee Anderson
Vanassa Banning
John Battan
Lisa Bayliss
Nicole Bennett
Summer Blackwell
Katrin Boniface
Shannon Bowe
Diana Cappelli
Christopher Cervantes
Mary Cheatham
Michelle Dengel
Joela Green
Lindsay Hayes
Sarah Huling
Emily Jay
Bob Jenner
Sarah Johnston
Jonalee Kagels
Diane Lee
Carrie Miller
Jenny O'Handly
Ashley Oldfather
Larry Parks
Karla Parsons
Mary Potter
Caley Read
Gustavo Rodriguez
Lynn Schlereth
Katrina Schwartz
Alison Sulikowski
Megan Town
Victoria Vicenti
Melanie Weeks

Farrier award winners from the 2004 Fall class.

Farrier Awards

Bob Jenner
Mary Lewis Johnston
Stephanie Lemmons
Larry Parks
Mary Potter
Katie Schwartz
Toyna Comfort
Christopher Varner
Jonalee Kagels
Ashley Oldfather
Kim Hall voted Outstanding Instructor for the Fall 2004 class.

Outstanding Instructor

Kim Hall

Outstanding Rider

Jana Armstrong
Jana Armstrong voted Outstanding Rider of the Fall 2004 class.

President's List

Jana Armstrong
Susan Bostick
Sally Cannon
Hilary Carr
Elizabeth Clayboss
Tonya Comfort
Kristie Commons
Tiffany Corson
Rachel Dann
Suzanne Eaton
Mary Lewis Johnston
Kelly Lagos
Robin Reinhold
Sarah Royer
Zabrina Stevenson
Christoper Varner
Misty Walters
Sandra Zywar
Rachel Hill voted Most Improved Student of the Fall 2004 class.

Most Improved Student

Rachel Hill

Excellence In Teaching

Sarah Royer
Sarah Royer recipient of the Excellence in Teaching award for the Fall 2004 class.
Students who earned their Level I teaching certificates

Level I Teaching Certificates

Mary Lewis Johnston
Elizabeth Clayboss

Graduating Class -- Fall 2004

Larry Parks Christopher Varner Ashley Oldfather
Fall class of 2004.

Congratulations Fall class of 2004!

Prior Awards Banquets

I want to thank you for the amazing education that you gave me. The fantastic amount that I learned at MM gave me a rock solid foundation that I have built on over the years. For your dedication, vision and absolute practicality I thank you!
Bekah (Bailey) Murchison: 1992 Riding Master I Graduate