Spring 2003 Awards

President's List

Roiya Albert
Catherine Butski
Lori Caouette
Megan Chance
Katie Cox
Jennifer Dinning
Jenny Fair
Marie Greivellk
Carolina Lopez
Mary Lorenzen
Kate Lukacs
Teana Mazzarone
Jenny O'Handly
Micheal Savino
Marshall Shearer
Michelle Wellman
Jessica Zabonick

President List winners of Spring Quarter 2003

Honor Roll

Molly Alaimo
Nicolle Barrack
Kristy Bolesta
Michelle Carmine
Emily Cline
Jamie Delaney
Anna Marie DiPiero
Eugene Fletcher
Shelley Fyffe
Leia Green
Cammie Griffin
Jennifer Hamilton
Sarah Huffman
Julia Jaffe
Jessica Jorgensen
Francy Koerner
Kerry Long
Krystal Marcy
Katelyn Medeiros
Angela Medellin
Marlena Merola
Welcome Patterson
Mary Potter
Rebecca Poulsen
Robin Reinhold
Whittney Swift
Heather Therrien-Paradis
Danielle Tressler
Ashley Watkins
Katherine Weller
Jaclyn Wells
Rebecca Workman-Young
Jeff Young

Perfect Attendance

Excellence in Barn

Lori Caouette
Jennifer Dinning
Eugene Fletcher
Mary Lorenzen
              Green Barn - Michelle Carmine
Orange Barn - Jenny O'Handly
Blue Barn - Katie Cox
White Barn - Marie Greivell
Yellow Barn - Kristy Bolesta
Red Barn - Katherine Weller
T Barn - Mary Lorenzen
B Barn - Eugene Fletcher

Student Katie Cox holding her award.

Most Improved Student

Jennifer Hamilton

Outstanding Rider

Katie Cox
Student Jennifer Hamilton holding her award.

Excellence in Teaching

Mary Lorenzen
Katie Cox
Recipients of the Excellence in Teaching Award Mary Lorenzen and Katie Cox

Award winner Nereyda Saenz holding her award.

Outstanding Graduate Assistant

Nereyda Saenz

Outstanding Instructor

Kim Hall
Instructor Kim Hall holding her award.

Spring Class of 2003

Congratulations Spring Class of 2003!

Prior Awards Banquets

Ron has been teaching "Natural Horsemanship" before it was cool. No matter how long you have been riding, MM will improve your riding immeasurably! Appreciate that you will not be riding a "made" horse all the time and value what each horse has to teach you. It is soooo WORTH it!
Debra Davidson Jennings: 1993 Riding Master III Graduate