Spring 2002 Awards

Excellence In Teaching

Julie Huffman
Jessica Zabonick
Amy Fortner and Michelle Wolf recieving the excellence in teaching award.

Kristy Bolesta recieving recognition for her excellent work in Yellow Barn.

Excellence In Barn

Blue Barn - Kate Weller
Red Barn - Jessica Zabonick
Yellow Barn - David Gosnell
White Barn - Julie Huffman
Orange Barn - Dan Staats
Green Barn - Sarah Kirschner
T&B Barn - Gene Fletcher

Honor Roll

President's List

Kristin Bartruff
Carrie Borst
Michelle Breeden
Sarah Bucio
Megan Chance
Lacey Cheatum
Lori Clark
Stephen Cowgur
Katie Cox
Aimee Fortner
Elizabeth Greene
Candiece Heide
Emily Holloway
Jennifer Howard
Jennifer Kiser
Mary Lorenzen
Amanda Marquis
Nancy McElree
Kimberly Metzinger
Sara Mortimer
Trisha Neal
Danielle O'Neill
Sara Patterson
Welcome Patterson
Cinnamon Presnell
Maya Sand
Kelly Sceberras
Caitlin Steinhart
Jacquelyn Stoutenburg
Heather Therrien-Paradis
Allison Thomas
Jennifer Vogel
Michelle Wolf
Roiya Albert
Mary Beth Andrews
Sara Banks
Kristy Bolesta
Kathleen Bulko
Laurel Burns
Catherine Butski
Beth Cornell
William Disbennett
Aaron Hubbell
Julia Jaffe
Megan McGuire
Katelyn Medeiros
Paulina Nava
Mark Noll
Nereyda Saenz
Robyn Stevens
Michelle Wellman

Kristy Bolesta recieving her honer for being the Most Improved Student.

Most Improved Student

Kristy Bolesta

Outstanding Rider

Michelle Wolf
Michelle Wolf recieving her honer for being the Outstanding Rider of the spring 2002 class.

Perfect Attendance

Mary Beth Andrews
Kristen Bartruff
Kristy Bolesta
Aaron Hubbel
Jennifer Kiser
Sara Patterson
Maya Sand

Students who earned the perfect attendance award for spring 2002.

Congratulations Spring Class of 2002!

Spring Class of 2002

Prior Awards Banquets

I will never forget Meredith Manor. If you want to see if you're up to a life with horses, go there. I learned so much there in a short amount of time. I'm still riding & teaching, and am barn manager at a small place. We have about 20 horses. I cannot imagine a life without horses.
Linda Kueker Matulovich: 1975 Riding Master III Graduate