Winter 2001 Awards

President's List

Mary Beth Andrews
Kim Barwick
Kristy Bolesta
Sarah Bucio
Laurel Burns
Catherine Butski
Meara Clark
Bill Disbennet
Jennifer Kiser
Mary Lorenzen
Sara McKiness
Paulina Nava
Rhonda Roberts
Nereyda Saenz
Maya Sand
Letty Stoneman
Michelle Wellman
Melissa Gilbert and Letty Stoneman


Honor Roll

Kristen Bartruff holding her perfect attendence award
Roiya Albert
Sara Banks
Kristin Bartruff
Carrie Borst
Michelle R. Brown
Kathleen Bulko
Chuck Bushmire
Megan Chance
Lori Clark
Beth Cornell
Katie Cox
Will Durden
Sarah Dwyer
Aimee Fortner
Elizabeth Greene
Candice Heide
Aaron Hubbell
Elizabeth Keeling
Nancy McElree
Kimberly Metzinger
Sara Mortimer
Danielle O'Neill
Sara Patterson
Welcome Patterson
Brandi Sorley
Jacquelyn Stoutenberg
Heather Therrien
Shirley Tramm
Jennifer Weber
Michelle Wolf
Rebecca Workman
Jeff Young

Perfect Attendance

Excellence in Barn

Mary Beth Andrews
Kristin Bartruff
Kathleen Bulko
Aaron Hubbel
Maya Sand
Shirley Tramm
Michelle Wellman
              Orange and Green Barn - Rhonda Roberts
Blue Barn - Katie Cox
White Barn - Sarah Patterson
Yellow Barn - Kristi Bolesta
Red Barn - Letty Stoneman
T&B Barn - Sarah McKiness

Student Sara McKiness holding her award.

Most Improved Student

Elizabeth Keeling

Outstanding Rider

Sara McKiness

Outstanding Instructors

Kim Hall and Nancy Wesolek

Excellence in Teaching

Sara McKiness
Instructors Nancy Weslock and Kim Hall

Winter Class of 2002

Congratulations Winter Class of 2001!

Prior Awards Banquets

Meredith Manor is far more than "just" an equestrian centre. Ron and Faith, I wish for just one moment you could feel the gratitude I have for you and what MM means to me. There will always be a little bit of my heart there. Thank you for such a wonderful education in many areas of my life!
Cynthia Moore Greene: 1992 Riding Master III Graduate