Karla Coffey

Karla Coffey preparing for her equestrian career

My name is Karla Jo Coffey. I came from Boone, a small town in western North Carolina. I've always had a passion for horses and for riding.

I remember when I was little, my grandfather use to plow the tobacco fields with an old white horse named Bob. I was too small to help, so he would sit me upon Bob and let me enjoy the ride through the fields. (That's when I got hooked on horses.) But as I grew, I had to start helping with the work and dearly missed my rides on Bob. Somewhere between the barn and the tobacco field, I realized I wanted to ride, I wanted a horse of my own.

I worked hard and saved enough money to buy a three year old Appaloosa. I rode him everywhere on trails and wagon trains. But it wasn't enough. I wanted more. I wanted a career with horses. I decided to go to school and learn all I could. Now, I'm nearing my graduation day and I'm kind of nervous but excited. My main interests are in cutting and reining. Someday, I plan to have my own training and showing facility.

Karla will graduate with a Riding Master VI on Feb. 27, 1998. She has taken a job working for Stephen and Cindy Stephens in Weatherford, TX.

I think I am the happiest person ever. I landed my dream job as a lesson barn coordinator in the barn I grew up in! Thanks for everything Meredith Manor! You always have and always will have a huge piece of my heart.
Gia Guidera: 1996 Riding Master Graduate