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October 2019 Newsletter

It's Fall, Y'ALL! Schedule your visit to Meredith Manor today!

Fall is one of the best times to visit our beautiful campus in Wild & Wonderful West Virginia!

We offer tours every Monday and Friday. Call, email or text your request today at 304-679-5265, (email) kristen.bosgraf@meredithmanor.edu or (text) 304-584-3128. We can't wait to hear from you so don't wait!

Fall Festival planned for 1 to 4 pm Oct. 26

Ghouls and goblins will invade our Waverly, WV, campus the afternoon of Saturday, Oct. 26.

Our Fall Festival will feature a Haunted Barn, costume contest, pumpkin decorating, refreshments and so much more. Open to kids of all ages. If you are in the area, don't miss a chance to see Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre in a whole new way - if you dare!

Love Horses? So do We & We have the Career for You! Admissions office attends the first of two October career and college fairs

We traveled to the Mountaineer Challenge Academy near Kingwood, WV, to speak to students planning to graduate in December. For some, the love of horses is real, but they didn't realize that passion could be a career.

The Meredith Manor Admissions Team is available to conduct tours, speak to students or participate in College or Career Fairs. We love the chance to tell others about what our program has to offer and show those who love horses it can be a career, not just a hobby.

It's October and it's time to fill out your FAFSA!

You could be eligible for Federal Financial Aid! It's easy to find out, just go online and fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Plug in your information to find out what grants or loans you could receive.

Traditional Federal Financial Aid and veterans Benefits can be applied to qualified programs offered at Meredith Manor.

Have Questions? Call us at 304-679-5263. We can help!


September 2019 Newsletter

Summer Quarter Concludes with Showmasters and Graduation

The summer class closed out the quarter with the traditional Showmasters event. Participating students were judged in a variety of areas including Show Jumping, Western Dressage and Equitation and Dressage Eventing competitions, among others.

As always, friends and family were invited to attend.

"I love it," said Amy, mother of Meredith Manor student Raina Schweidt, who attended her first Showmasters event. "This is her dream. She has always worked with horses and I'm proud of her. She pursued her dream."

Four students graduated from Meredith Manor programs: Michael Farrier, Mason Cardwell, Kira Witty and Lindsey Wrabel. Congratulations to all and we wish them much luck and success!

Check out photos of the winners on the official Meredith Manor Facebook page.

Fall Quarter Begins: Still Time to Register for Winter 19, Spring 20

Our Fall Quarter started Sept. 9 and new students have moved in, registered for classes and begun their own story at Meredith Manor. The deadline to register for our Winter Quarter is Dec. 1 and the deadline to register for the Spring Quarter is March 8. Don't wait! Call Admissions Director Kristen Bosgraf for information at 304-679-5265.

Family Career Awareness Day

Do you know a student interested in an equestrian career who lives in the Ohio/West Virginia region? Meredith Manor will participate in the upcoming Family Career Awareness Day set for October 17 at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Marietta, Ohio. Come learn about the various careers available in the horse industry and the ways Meredith Manor can help you get there.

The career fair is 4 to 7 p.m. and open to students in grades 7 through 12.

Competition Season to Begin

Two Teams to Compete for Meredith Manor: Western and Hunt Seat

With the start of the Fall Quarter comes the start of show season for two Meredith Manor Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) teams - a western and a hunt seat - both of which will be coached by Kristen.

The teams are scheduled to compete beginning later this month when the Western team travels to Reedsville, WV. In the months ahead the teams will travel to Youngstown, Ohio, and Coolville, Ohio, among other locations. Meredith Manor will host a show here on our campus in November. For information about the teams contact Kristen at kristen.bosgraf@meredithmanor.edu.


August 2019 Newsletter

Photo Credit: Reghan McNaul

2019 Summer Workshops Successful

Our 2019 Summer Workshop series attracted dozens of young people from nine states and two countries! Participants attended a Riding workshop in June, Farrier workshop in July and Massage workshop earlier this month - all of which helped expose potential students to Meredith Manor instructors and programs.

Admissions Director Kristen Bosgraf said the workshops were a resounding success. Those participating came from as far away as Canada, California and Massachusetts, mixing in with locals from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

"I'm often asked about summer programs for younger participants which prompted us to offer these workshops," Kristen said. “I was blown away by the interest and the number of people who participated."

Many attended more than one workshop in an effort to get a broader experience covering multiple disciplines. In some cases, parents jumped in to experience the workshops as well.

Planning is underway to offer workshops like these again next summer. One goal is to make Meredith Manor accessible to younger students - the workshops are open to anyone 16 and older - and another goal is to expose our program to potential students who live in our region. The one-day sessions cost only $25.

"We're really looking forward to building on these workshop formats, potentially offering multiple days or offering programs to younger participants," Kristen said.

Popular Breeding Class Offered

This summer was also a chance for enrolled students to participate in our breeding program with Dr.Walter Threlfall. The well-known theriogenologist visited the Meredith Manor campus frequently during the summer quarter and at times, our students traveled to his Ohio farm. There, students performed examinations on horses and Threlfall demonstrated biopsies, vaccinations and other injections.

Theriogenology is the study of animal reproduction and it's just one of the many terms and concepts Dr. Threlfall presented to his students this term. Threlfall said it's important a breeding class teaches students about the whole horse.

"Brain function, hormones and managing the estro cycle, I teach structure first, then function," he said. "Then we move on to treating things that are wrong, foaling and vaccinations of mares and foals."

The breeding course is typically offered during the summer quarter only.

"You have to breed at the right time, and be careful not to over breed, to prevent damage or disease and have a better chance of conceiving," he said. "You have to work with the mare - it's not that tough."

When Threlfall isn't teaching, you can find him putting up hay or caring for the sheep on his Ohio farm. Growing up he didn't have horses and didn't own his first horse until he was 18. His love of farming came from his grandfather and one of his daughters continues the farming tradition today.

Fall Registration Underway, Don't Miss Out!

Our fall class is filling up, but there are still a few spaces available so act now! Registration for the Fall quarter is Sept. 8 with the first day of classes Sept. 9. We also have begun taking registrations for our Winter and Spring quarters. To enroll or find out more about Meredith Manor and its programs, contact Kristen in our admissions office at 304-679-5265 or email kristen.bosgraf@meredithmanor.edu.


July 2019 Newsletter

Photo Credit: Reghan McNaul

Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Meredith Manor!

Yes, it's July! The summer is slipping by and Meredith Manor has been buzzing with activity. There are lots of new faces on campus as our summer quarter is officially under way and we are welcoming dozens of prospective students participating in workshops and tours. Oh, and those babies? They just keep getting cuter!

Register now for Fall classes!

The start of our fall quarter is right around the corner. Anyone wishing to register for fall must do so by Sept. 8. Classes begin Sept. 9. Secure your spot now by contacting Kristen Bosgraf, admissions director, at 304-679-5265 or email her at kristen.bosgraf@meredithmanor.edu

Dr. Oscar Skavdahl, horse chiropractor

Our students learn from our great instructors but also from other trusted professionals who visit campus on a regular basis. One such professional is Dr. Oscar Skavdahl, certified horse chiropractor. Students recently observed as he checked horses' vitals, examined their overall horse health and then systematically adjusted each horse as needed.

"First you have to determine if it's really a chiropractic problem," he explained. "I check the heart and eyes to establish a base while the horse is relaxed. That way I know if I'm stressing him out later."

One of those horses was Jazzy, who at 20, was getting her first adjustment ever! Dr. Skavdahl re-aligned her neck and back and popped a rib back into place. Through it all Jazzy remained calm and relaxed. Dr. Skavdahl certainly has the right touch!

Read more about Dr. Skavdahl's visit in our blog, The Manor, found on our website.

First of three career workshops a success!

Also on campus this summer are students and young adults participating in our three career prep workshops. The first, our riding workshop, was held in June. A dozen participants toured campus and learned about our programs. They spent the afternoon with riding instructor Audra Broach who taught them training theory and techniques, then participants rode the bucking machine!

Our next workshop is coming up on July 10. This workshop will feature our farrier program and instructor John Crothers. Participants will learn about horse and hoof health and forging. To find out more about this workshop - and our massage workshop coming up in August - go to meredithmanor.edu

Don't get left behind, follow us on Twitter!

How's your summer going? Lets us know! We'd love to see pictures of you and your horses. Send us pics of you and your horse enjoying summer and we will share some through our social media accounts.

Meredith Manor recently started a Twitter account and we need followers! The Manor can also be found on Facebook and Instagram - we hope you'll join us!



June 2019 Newsletter

Photo Credit: Reghan McNaul

Everyone loves babies and we have two on campus - horses, that is. Ginger gave birth to a baby boy in late May and about a week later Phooey gave birth to a baby girl. Both little ones are kicking it up and doing fine. Find us on Instagram and Facebook to track their activity.

Our 2019 Summer Quarter is under way as Meredith Manor welcomed new students to campus and wished much luck to its Spring Graduates.

Nine students graduated from Meredith Manor programs. Parents and friends attended an awards ceremony June 6 and our Showmaster’s competition June 7. Congratulations to all of our awards recipients and Showmaster’s winners. Check out photos of the winners on our Facebook page!

We also said goodbye to longtime Meredith Manor riding and horse health instructor Nancy Sterrett, who was recognized for her commitment and dedication to The Manor, its students and the horse industry. Sterrett is leaving her position at Meredith Manor after more than 20 years.

"I've known Nancy for 20 years as an instructor, a mentor and a friend," Admissions Director, Kristen, said. "I have seen her dedication and commitment. She has shown me how someone can take their dream and make it a reality."

In the Admissions office, Kristen is working hard to prepare for the incoming fall class. Spots are filling up, so anyone wishing to enroll for the 2019 Fall Quarter should contact Kristen at kristen.bosgraf@meredithmanor.edu or by calling 304-679-5265. Questions about financial aid? We can help! Contact Janie at janie.crothers@meredithmanor.edu.

The registration deadline for the Fall Quarter is Sept. 8. Enroll now!

Preparations are under way for the first of three Career Prep Workshops to be held on campus this summer. The first, our Summer Riding Workshop, is Wednesday, June 26. All spots are filled and attendees will take part in a scavenger hunt, campus tour and hands-on activities with riding instructor Audra Broach.

Our July workshop will focus on our farrier program and will be lead by farrier instructor John Crothers. Register by July 3 to participate in activities July 10. Registration is also under way for the August 7 workshop which will feature our equine massage program and instructor Lisa Jensen. At just $25 for the day, spots are filling up, so register now either on our web site,http://www.meredithmanor.edu/summerworkshops.asp, or by contacting the admissions office, 304-679-5265. Available to anyone 16 years and older, the workshops are a great way to visit Meredith Manor and see what we’re all about!


May 2019 Newsletter

Photo: A campus favorite - Ranger!

Our campus is lush and green as temperatures begin to warm and spring quickly fades into summer at The Manor.

This is Jenny in the Admissions Office where we have lots to share about recent and upcoming activities.

Meredith Manor's annual Visitor's Day weekend was a huge success. More than 120 people converged on campus May 3 and 4 to tour the facility, meet the staff and learn about our programs. Parents, current students and future students participated in hands-on activities, attended classes and demonstrations and learned about financial aid.

Admissions Director, Kristen had this to say about the weekend. "We tried a new format and it was a huge success! Not only did we tour our program in action but we spent time in smaller group info sessions and also had a chance to make a personalized key chain in the leather shop."

Some first-time visitors traveled from as far away as New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Michigan. Thanks to all who took time out of their busy schedules to learn more about what Meredith Manor has to offer!

The last day of Spring quarter is quickly approaching and in a few weeks several students will graduate. The last day of class is June 4, with awards June 6 and the Showmasters horse show June 7. Congratulations to our graduates and good luck!

"This school has prepared me for the real world," says upcoming Farrier graduate Amanda Brzezinski. "John pushes you to be the best you can be and knows when to stop pushing. He teaches us skills that we will need in the real world. The clinics that are held here are a major help, and they are so informative."

New in Summer '19! Three Career-Prep Workshops will be offered: June 26 will feature our Riding programs, July 10 will feature our Farrier program and Aug. 7 will feature Equine Massage. Each session holds a maximum of 10 spots.

The one-day events cost $25 and will be lead by our certified instructors. Those attending will also be able to explore our campus and learn about financial aid opportunities. Lunch will be provided. The workshops are open to anyone 16 and older.

To find out more and to register, contact Kristen Bosgraf, Admissions Director, at 304-679-5265, text at 304-584-3128 or email her at kristen.bosgraf@meredithmanor.edu

Finally, registrations for the Summer and Fall Quarters are under way! Anyone wishing to attend the Summer Quarter must register by June 9, and anyone wishing to register for the Fall Quarter must do so by Sept. 8. Secure your spot now by contacting Kristen!


April 2019 Newsletter

Photo: Scout enjoyed the spring sun!

The Meredith Manor annual Visitor’s Day is fast approaching! This is Jenny in the Admissions Office where we are excited to welcome parents, current students and alumni to our Open House May 3 and 4. Join us!

Friday will begin with a tour at 9:30 a.m. followed up Saturday with sessions covering financial aid, graduate services and the variety of the certifications offered here at Meredith Manor. You can also enjoy hands-on activities in our Leather Shop, Farrier Shop and some will have a chance to ride our Bucking Machine!

There’s still time to RSVP, just contact Kristen, our Admissions Director, at 304-679-5265, or kristen.bosgraf@meredithmanor.edu.

This week I traveled to beautiful north-central West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania to represent Meredith Manor at college fairs. The first was at the MountaineerChallengeAcademy in Kingwood, WV, about 25 miles east of Morgantown. About 100 cadets attended the fair, many of whom will graduate in June. Many were interested in the trade-based certifications offered at Meredith Manor and the farrier program was a popular topic of discussion.

That college fair was followed up by a fair hosted by Southmoreland High School in Alverton, PA, about an hour’s drive north of Morgantown. About 400 students in grades 9 through 12 attended the fair. This high school is located in a rural area, and Meredith Manor’s display attracted the attention of many who have a background in farming, 4-H or horses.

I made some great connections with many potential students! Thanks to the organizers of these college fairs for including Meredith Manor. I look forward to participating again.

Meredith Manor also recently served as a sponsor for the IEA Zone 11 Finals at Swan Lake Stables in Littlestown, Pa. Admissions Director Kristen Bosgraf attended the event and winners in Horsemanship Testing were presented with Meredith Manor gifts. Meredith Manor is also a sponsor at the upcoming IEA Dressage Finale at Otterbein University on April 13-14. Catherine Butski, a 2003 Riding Master VI graduate, will represent MM at the event.

Speaking of competitions, three of Meredith Manor’s own Western Show Team members were honored recently for their academic achievement. The following students were named to the IHSA All Academic national team: Stephan Hepler was named to First Team for achieving a GPA of 3.8 or higher; Erica Palmatier and Reghan McNaul each were named to Second Team for achieving a GPA of 3.5 or better.

Erica Palmatier said she is honored by the recognition and enjoyed the showing season.

“This year’s show season was great,” she said. “I learned a lot from the judges, the other teams, my teammates and especially my coach. It’s important to have a team and a coach that believes in you. It pushes you to strive to do more."


March 2019 Newsletter

Photo: Theocasey loving bath time!

Spring is in the air at Meredith Manor Equestrian Centre where we recently celebrated the graduation of our latest class and welcomed new students to the start of our 2019 Spring quarter.

In addition to new students, another new face on campus is that of Lisa Jensen. She's our newest instructor.

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Lisa is a former MM student. After graduating in 2014, Lisa worked at privately owned horse barns in Florida before returning to Utah for a short time. She returned to campus this quarter and is the instructor for leather working and massage.

Lisa is excited about her new role and said teaching at Meredith Manor allows her to balance her love of horses with other interests. She said it's important for students to be self-motivated during their time at The Manor and beyond.

Lisa replaces Max Sterrett who left Meredith Manor after 7 years as a full-time instructor to return to work in the airline industry.

Spring is a great time to visit Meredith Manor! The Manor will host its annual Open House Friday May 3 and Saturday May 4. Prospective students and their families, current students and parents and alumni are invited to participate. A campus tour is planned for 9:30 a.m. Friday followed on Saturday with informational sessions about financial aid, certifications and graduate services. We will also provide interactive activities in the leather shop and farrier shop and graduates will have the opportunity to ride the bucking machine!

Representatives of West Virginia University at Parkersburg will also be on hand to provide information about our newest collaboration. Get details on how Meredith Manor students can obtain an Associate of Applied Sciencesdegree at WVU-P. Current students or graduates of MM can obtain an AAS degree with emphasis in Equestrian Studies or Equine Management.

Come learn about our programs, meet our instructors and connect with old friends! For information or to RSVP, contact Kristen in our admissions office at 304-679-5265 or text 304-584-3128.


February 2019 Newsletter

Photo: Elizabeth and Feather sharing a kiss

February arrived with a fury, snowing all day and reminding us winter isn't quite finished. The students showed their love for our campus horses by spending the last week of January hauling buckets in and out to combat freezing and to be sure the horses had plenty of fresh water regardless of the frigid temperatures! It's a good reminder that the horse business doesn't stop for bad weather.

The Western IHSA team spent one of those freezing nights at our local Wendy's raising money to cover the cost for our next competition on February 16th in Columbiana, Ohio. It is our last show of the season, which has been our first season as a team competing. Team riders are a combination of new and old, western and english majors that have an interest in competing in western horsemanship style, intercollegiate competition. We have traveled to Morgantown, WV twice as well as Canfield, OH to compete this season against teams from WVU, Youngstown State University, California University of Pennsylvania, Franciscan University, Slippery Rock University, Clarion University Venango Campus, and Bethany College.

This month we will be hosting two clinician in Western Showing class - Vickey Dunn and Mike Schmidt from Bethany college come this week to talk about Judging and next week we will hear about cutting from WVCHA President, Roy Bauer.

Our current student population will begin class sign ups on Monday as well, choosing their classes and riding disciplines for the Spring 2019 quarter. Each 12 weeks students choose their classes for the quarter and have the opportunity to make requests and give feedback. As their interests and talents grow and develop they have opportunity to adjust class choices to meet their needs and certification goals.

Kristen Bosgraf

Admissions Director

Graduate Services Director

IHSA Western Coach


January 2019 Newsletter

Photo Credit: Jacklynn Matthews

Winter Break is coming to a close and the horses are ready to see all their friends return to campus! January tends to be quiet and cold, a slow march to spring. The Western Showing students can look forward to a Horsemanship Clinic with our IHSA Regional President, Bobby Dean, on Wednesday, January 16th and a Judging clinic with Vickey Dunn and Mike Schmidt on Wednesday, February 6th. The team has one more show before the end of the season and these clinics will help them prepare!

Campus tours resume Monday, January 7th at 10:00am and are available on Mondays and Fridays all year. I love spending the day with prospective families watching class and visiting horses! I hope everyone survived the holidays and is ready for a wonderful 2019. I'm here to help!

Kristen Bosgraf

Admissions Director

Graduate Services Director

IHSA Western Coach


I love my new job! I get to work with problem horses every time I'm there, and I wouldn't have been able to handle any of them without the training, information, and help that i got at MM. Thanks again to Ron, Faith, Nancy, and everyone else for the tools you gave me to love what I do, and to do it with the strength and confidence to do it right.
Kaleigh McGeehan: 2004 Riding Master Graduate