Equestrian Bachelors Degree

Students in WVU-P Courtyard. Meredith Manor students have the option to pursue equestrian degrees through WVU-P.

Although Meredith Manor programs are certification based, Meredith Manor students have the option of pursuing a Bachelors Degree with an equestrian emphasis through West Virginia University at Parkersburg. WVU-P, in conjunction with Meredith Manor, offers a Regents Bachelor of Arts Degree (RBA) with an Area of Emphasis (AOE) in Equestrian Studies. This degree is only available to current students or graduates of Meredith Manor.

RBA with Equestrian Studies Area of Emphasis requirements:

  • Successful completion of Technical Studies AAS with emphasis in Equestrian Studies
  • Successful completion of Riding Master VI program at Meredith Manor
  • 40 additional credit hours total to be taken at WVU-P, broken down as follows:
    • 21 additional credit hours of General Education courses
      • Humanities: Art, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Journalism 101, Literature, Music or Theatre
      • Social Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Religion, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology
      • Sciences: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Physical Science or Physics
      • Other: any of the general education areas
      Total General Education courses
      • 6 hrs
      • 6 hrs
      • 6 hrs
      •   3 hrs
      21 hrs
    • 19 additional credit hours of upper-division courses (numbered 300 or higher)

The WVU-P Regents Bachelor of Arts Program:

The Regents Bachelor of Arts program is an innovative bachelor's degree that differs from other baccalaureate degrees in many respects:

  • College credit may be awarded based on work and life experiences. These credits may count toward degree requirements and are based on written portfolios.
  • The program provides considerable flexibility in how, when, and where course requirements are met. With the assistance of an advisor, applicants develop a course of study that best fits their needs.
  • Students may earn credit through regular college courses (in-state or out-of-state), cooperative education, distance learning, credit by exam, and/or writing portfolios.
  • There is no time limit for completing the degree requirements.

The Regents BA Degree program operates on the same level of academic quality as other more traditionally structured baccalaureate degree programs. Regents students are governed by the same basic academic regulations as other students enrolled at WVU-P.

The Portfolio Process:

The central principle that underlies assessment of work or life experiences is "what students know is more important than how they learned it." If Regents students can demonstrate that their existing knowledge and skills are reasonably comparable to college-trained students, then comparable credit may be awarded.

Students may petition for credits in specific college-level courses that they have not already completed by writing a portfolio. The portfolio summarizes the learning that took place and equates that learning to the objectives in the syllabus for a college-level course. If the prior learning is not equal to a specific course, credit may be petitioned in the discipline area. Documentation is required to substantiate the petitions for credit. Portfolios are evaluated by faculty in the discipline being reviewed; recommendations are made for the award of "college equivalent credit."

Residency Requirements:

Students who have already completed equivalent courses may have the option to transfer those courses to WVU-P and apply them towards their requirements. The residency requirement for the RBA program is 24 credit hours. Students may take courses at any public college or university in West Virginia to meet the residency requirement. Neither portfolio credit nor credit by exam may be used to meet the residency requirement.

For more information on the WVU-P RBA program, please contact:
Debbie Kafer, MA
Program Coordinator: Non-Traditional Studies
(304) 424-8321

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed our programs and other important information, please view our program disclosures.

I will never forget the ability Ron Meredith had to get inside a horse's head to understand the reasons for the horse's response to stimuli. I learned things at Meredith Manor that have carried me through an entire lifetime career with horses and ponies.
Marcia (Fleming) Yeager: 1969 Graduate