Julie Oates of Little Creek Stables

Julie (Huffman) Winchester
Little Creek Stables

Hometown: Clover, SC
Time at MM: 6/2003 - 5/2004
Program: Riding Master IV
Riding Instructor Certification
Equine Massage Therapy Certification
Favorite Class: All
First Job After Graduation: Riding Program Director at Camp Arrowhead in Asheville, NC.

Current Job:
Owner of Little Creek Stables in Clover, SC. We offer riding lessons in all disciplines, trail riding, boarding, summer camp, winter camp and special events. We have a covered riding arena, trails at Kings Mountain State Park and full bathroom and classroom area. I love our privacy and I love the different programs for all skill levels and ages.

What is your favorite memory from MM?
Lots of memories. I was an older student than the others, so it was fun to be in that younger atmosphere again. I had a lot of laughs. A lesson learned that I will never forget: never let your horse scratch or rub on your backside. If the horse splits your pants you won't be able to go back and change your pants! I walked around with holy breeches all day, but I never ever let my horse scratch on me again (and I donít even do that to this day!!)

In what ways have your experiences at Meredith Manor impacted your career and who you are today?
Little Creek Stables owner Julie Winchester I like having a certificate most of all. So many people out there think that just because they grew up with horses or know how to ride that they are qualified to teach lessons. But that is so untrue! There are so many different personalities and ways to learn, so I value being able to see what works for each individual. I also value the riding experience. The horses at MM were never easy and that made it better or more meaningful to conquer or overcome the difficulties in riding. Being at MM and achieving my goals made me a stronger more qualified person to teach others. I am thankful that I was able to attend!

Any advice for prospective students considering attending Meredith Manor?
I would recommend looking at the big picture. The dorms werenít the best, but it didnít matter because you arenít in there! The barns were lots of work, but it made me able to handle what I do now. The horses were difficult but it made me appreciate the school horses I have now and helps me know which of my horses are best at teaching others.

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